Didn't you know followers means entitlement ?

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Didn't you know followers means entitlement ?

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and I noticed these "bigger name" Instagram Peeps are starting to post about their opinion on other Instagram pages more and more often.....  
* not in a good way. 

And then I got lost on one in particular which led me to their Blog and I began to read on that, and after about 4 blogs I had to close my lap top out of frustration. This blog was solely based on their thoughts on IG and what pages are bullshit and what pages aren't bullshit. 
That ANYONE who post the fitness post of " flexed versus relaxed" photos are a joke and to not follow those people --- WHAT? 

APPARENTLY after 60k followers you are allowed to tell people who they should and shouldn't follow, what type of pages they should and shouldn't follow, and how they should and shouldn't be inspired by. 

NOW - no one ever name drops because no one wants to look like THAT GUY, but very passive aggressively mentions the TYPE of pages you and I shouldn't follow...

Is it just me that, that completely MIND BLOWING. 
WHO ARE YOU to TELL ME who should inspire me. 
WHY is YOUR page so much better than everyone elses?
WHY are you trying so hard to make YOUR page look like the "realist of the real" and you're too good for what other pages are posting.
You have a number bigger than others on followers.... BIG WHOOP. You are not entitled to TELL people who they should follow by your passive aggressive post. 

So what I want to say is DO YOU. DONT let any "big name" IG human make you feel any way about who you follow. IF something or someone INSPIRES you in a positive way than FOLLOW THEM. If they don't, don't follow them.

What you look at, process, read, is impacting your life, make sure its impacting it in a positive way.
YOU are the puppet master and have complete control over what you see on Instagram. 

If you are an influencer - don't let anyone make you feel bad about how you post and promote yourself. You wanna post your boobies - GO on with your bad self. ( unless youre still in high school - then don't do that )  Who wants to see that will follow, and who doesn't ... well lets be honest they will still follow you and hate on you.
Instagram is a way to express yourself, how ever that may be. If you want to have all the discount codes in the world than thats okay too. Just be You and don't let these IG entitled people tell you otherwise. 

Heres my thoughts and ill be done - 

This was short and sweet <3
Happy Snow Day from my couch in austin texas to you. 


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New Year, New You.. blah blah blah


New Year, New You.. blah blah blah

I feel SO cliche' saying that. " NEW YEAR NEW YOU " - sounds like the beginning of a bad motivational speech by someone name Terry wearing a sweater and gives way too many high fives. AMM'I RIGHT? - Yet here I am saying it.


New Year, New you. - ok last time I promise. 

Lets say New Year, BETTER you.... 

I wanted to write a blog to help anyone on writing goals, keeping goals, and staying on track. 

NOT saying I'm the best - but I'd like to share what I have learned and hopefully it helps :-) 

Make REACHABLE goals, then make more goals. You want to make small steps to big goals. EXAMPLE : You wouldn't want to make the goal " I want to be a millionaire by june" - Unless you make some incredible invention in 6 months and it goes off or you discover how to fly... that isn't happening. 

If making more money is your goal - WHICH IS TOTALLY OKAY - people are lying if they say that don't want more money - than you would want to brainstorm on HOW to make more money - Your goal would be to find a side hustle or new job that brings in more income. 
So write out options on what you could to do that works towards bringing in more money. THEN look over your income and outcome and see where you can really start saving money. So maybe your goal is to eat out less !  
Does that make sense? - I hope so. 

Write them down somewhere you can see often! Don't scribble them on a napkin then throw them in that drawer we all have... that "catch all" drawer and when you open it you literally get instant anxiety because there is so much shit in it and you're just like ya ok no not today... not even going to look through that. - YEA that drawer... don't put it in there. 

Make timelines and the "HOW" Like I said previously - don't just write " I want 10 unbroken ring muscle ups " ( thats one of mine ) So what that goal looks like for me is I want 10 UB RMU by July. So to reach that goal I am going to work on gymnastic work 2x a week that focus on RMU work. I emailed my friend Jessica Estrada ( @estradaflys ) - she's the best ever. And we wrote out things I'm going to do weekly to work towards that goal ! 
You want to be able to do that with all your goals - You need to know HOW you're going to work towards those goals - 
Once you reach that goal, put a big fat CHECK MARK by it with 7 smiley faces and a BOO-YA dance - and write out a new goal :-) 

Its okay to reach out for help. If you want to lose 50 pounds but have NO idea how to start, reach out! INVEST in yourself and find a program / coach that will help you work towards this goal so you can achieve it faster. 


TALK ABOUT THAT SHIT. Be proud you are making moves towards your goals. Talk about them to people close to you. By doing this you are making yourself accountable. If you tell all your friends you are trying to lose weight and they invite you to dinner and you order the triple fried chicken with tots and extra cheese with a coke and side of cake they can all give you that look... you know that look... likeeeee " UMMMM soooo about that weight loss you talked about " Good friends will call you out, shitty friends tell you that you deserve them tots.


Don't get discouraged and give up on life if you don't achieve your goals. You are human. I am human. If I don't reach my muscle up goal that doesn't mean I'm going to give up on CF, take down my IG, and never show my face in a crossfit gym again.... I can just assess what I did thus far and maybe why I didn't reach the goal, and keep the same goal until I reach it. 




Okay I think that's all I got. I really really hope those weren't super obvious and didn't help at all. If it didn't help and I just took 5 minutes of your life away from you my deepest apologies. I won't always be full of great information. If this did help....
Happy 2018. I hope shit goes crazy for you and all the success and dreams come true. 
Lifes too short to be anything other than a mf Bad Ass. 







wow, it took me a long time to get this blog up. 

for that, i apologise. I have been busy ya know.... trying to open a gym, run my online business, be a fur baby mom and a good girlfriend OH and try to be an athlete. 

    Sounds really stupid doesnt it? 
but that's what seems everyone is thriving after.. to be known, to be heard, to be recognised.... 

but as you say those 3 things; known, heard, and recognised... its like, YEA okay but who doesnt want those things... 


But what matters is your WHY. WHY do you want those things?
Thats what you need to figure out first. 
WHO are you? HOW do you want to be seen? and WHAT to be want to be known for?

if your answer is " i want to Inspire people".... its like.. okay.. and? 

that answer is very vague and quite frankly played out. 

So I am not a know it all, i did not go to school for marketing, and I'm not very tech-savy. I just learned the short cut for cut and paste. --- TRUTH.

and my grammar SUCKS - so if that bothers you don't read my blogs, i don't have an editor. iM A COACH NOT EDGAR ALLAN POE. 

anyways - instagram. 
I've had my instagram deleted twice. once i couldn't get back and once i sweet angel sent from baby jesus himself helped me recover it. 

SO here is what I DID to grow, and keep growing my instagram.

side note - this is for someone building a business and self promoting. This does not apply to everyone. if you have IG for just yourself and you aren't trying to build a following this is useless. 

1. i found 3-4 pages that had big followings and that i felt "inspired" me - i felt a connection - I then started watching their post and captions and usually found a trend between all of them... & started applying that to my own IG. 

2. FIGURE OUT YOUR WHYS ! figure out who you are, what your want to show and how you want the world to see you.
don't BE someone else. BE YOU. AUTHENTICITY IS SOMETHING PEOPLE CAN SEE MILESSSS AWAY.   - being real will build you a LOYAL following ( BTW i hate the word following makes me think of a cult... but thats what it is... ) 

3. BE ACTIVE AF on ig ... not 1-2 post , I'm talking 4-5 post DAILY. --- YES daily. 
if you think thats too much just give up now on IG. 

4. make your post consistent. SHOW what you like and post about it, give ways for people to CONNECT WITH YOU! -- example. ME I bet you reading this right now can name 5 things i love right off the bat without EVER even meeting me. And for those that follow me can probably tell you 3 things I will post about in the next 2 days.... ( creepy... maybe, loyal YES do i love it? absolutely ) 


6. DONT JUST POST ABOUT YOUR PET and yourself. POST things people can use on their daily life.... it can be anything. WHATever you are about - EDUCATE people on that. 

7. ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKIN SELFIES - like yes one a day is cute ( kinda ) pending on what it is - snap selfies are fine - but ever gone to someones page and its 87.8% selfies in a mirror?..... do you EVER follow that person. no.. the answer is no. 

8. dont post naked selfies with bible verses. 

9. don't be salesman. and don't go on this damn rampage of how many companies you can get discount codes from..... 
- HOLD YOURSELF AT A HIGH STANDARD. don't settle for any company that reaches out bc you think you need that. you don't. build your following and reach out to the company YOU WANT to be apart of... I had 100s of nutrition companies reach out to me before I picked to go with Gnarly. and I haven't ever left them... -- people want to see loyalty from you too. I will never leave that company... even if someone offered to pay me money for every post i made i wouldn't do it ( honestly ) and i make that known... I'm loyal to GOOD people. -- leads me to my next point

10. give people a reason to respect you. show them your heart, soul and passions. show your appreciation and humility. don't be a cocky prick. 

11. Find your passion and run with it and let it show. --- show the world who the F. you are. and be so unapologetic about it. 

12. use quality photos and banners. - spend money on apps that make good banners ( i love WORD SWAG ) and have a few photoshoots ( yes it cost money but you gotta spend it to make it ) - professional photos go a long way for a business page. 

13. have a web page people can go to as well


14. don't be a negative nancy or a positive polly just be real. its not always sunshines and rainbows and no one needs to hear that everyday.... 


I'm sure there is a lot more, but i hope that helps kick start - LEAVE any questions you may have or comments below <3



if everyone likes you, you're doing something wrong

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if everyone likes you, you're doing something wrong

I lied to you. 
I said this would be about how I built my instagram, 
and thats not what I want to get to yet.... 

Lets take 3 steps back to me training at the YMCA when I actually decided to start educating myself. 

So as I said before I am not a "school" person... I tried. I really did. l gave college 4 tries. LITERALLY 4 DIFFERENT TIMES. 
I call that trying dammit. 

So I decided to learn more hands on. 
I worked at the Y in 2009.



I watched and talked to every trainer at the YMCA. I watched youtube video after youtube video. I would read Ebooks. 

I had almost every trainer at the Y put me through workouts weekly. I wanted to see their different styles and really took note of what worked for and didn't. I would ask them questions on their programming, the why's. I would talk to their clients and ask them how that program was going for them. 

I think that was the best thing I could ever do. 
So when I started getting clients I applied what I liked, took away what I didn't like and added my own TDL twist on it... I paid attention to my client and made them tell me weekly what was going on what they didn't like etc.. I was always completely honest and told them I was learning and I wanted their complete honesty to make me a better coach. 

To this day I still watch, read, and learn from others. Instagram is a damn gold mine of education.

some advice
1. Don't think you can only learn in classroom or by someone that claims themselves as a master
2. Don't think you've learned Enough
3. Don't doubt yourself if what you have learned thus far
4. Don't be afraid to ask questions

As I moved on from the YMCA and started working in a boxing gym, I continued to put myself through all different styles of working out and making my friends let me put them through workouts. ( yea I was still being a heathen and doing bad things but I still had a love for fitness through it all ) 

Every place I went I just observed. 
I start watching Camp Gladiator bootcamps when I thought I wanted to go that route..  I would pull what I liked and didn't like and applied it to my training. 

What I was doing this whole time was creating my brand... I didn't know it at the time, but as I was building my type of training in my head I was building my brand... my style. 

When I started CG Arena... thats when I really started to realise I was SO DIFFERENT from everyone else there. My feelings towards fitness, my passion, was so much deeper than everyone elses. I cared so deeply about the clients progress over if they had fun that day. 

YES I understand fitness can be fun, but who's having fun doing the same style workouts after 2 years and still looking the EXACT same. 

I WANTED TO TELL THEM WHY. I wanted to be able to show them how to change their bodies and educate them... I wanted to not just teach "groupX" I wanted to make a difference. 

I learned ALOT at CG. hah. 
A lot. 

Being such a strong personality... you will have people who LOVE you, adore you, think you hung the moon...

and you will have people who think you are satans sister who woke up that day ONLY to ruin their day and that I was the most mean, hateful person in the world. 

fun fact. we would have member surveys and I had the most loving and hateful messages from people lol. Like polar opposites, most peoples were the same across the board ( she's nice, great, peppy ) 
Mine were " taylor changed my life completely and I only come to cg for her "
or " taylor is a bitch and should be fired "
lol. That is 100% true. 

So I had to learn customer service, how to play nice, and even out my extreme personality. 
I expected clients to come and fucking work. To come ready to work... but very hard in an environment that really just wants everyone to have fun and feel like they did a good job just by showing up... 
ALL THE WHILE, watching others coach and learning from them...what I liked didn't like and who I wanted to be. 
As I mentioned in the previous blog, I was told to start building a brand. 

I wanted to learn about body building, so I got a coach and dove head first. 
Body Building for 3 years taught me more about lifting and nutrition then any book or professor could. To go through preps and off seasons and being around all the coaches and athletes and watching each one, THAT was one hell of a learning experience. 
Thats what made me fall in love with lifting and led me to getting my USAW Cert. and pursue my own strength program. 

Their was something so beautiful to me about a human finding confidence and happiness in showing themselves how strong they can really be.... To not be afraid to lift, and learn and push themselves... learning what failure feels like in a workout.. to give Everything they have... its amazing to me ( if you aren't a coach i know that sounds so fucking weird.... but MAX days are a coaches favorite day... when athletes hit PRs and bust down their own goals... ugh... gives my chills ) 

SO Im rambling..
moral of the story is I learned from the atmosphere around me. I talked to people that were where I wanted to be. 
--- which is cool cause it goes back to - alway be aware of your surroundings... if you aren't in the right atmosphere you aren't going to learn.. if you aren't around people that can contribute to your life, how will you ever learn, or be better than you are Right now.... you are who you surround yourself with, those people are teaching you things everyday, even if you don't realise it.


ohhhhhh thats good. anyone have a reality check just now? 


I wrote everything down, I put myself through it, I made note of everything. 
I lived very humbly and still do. But it was an everyday choice to do something that day that made me a better coach..... 

Never stop learning, and never stop being you... 
don't try to mimic anyone else. That person is taken, be you.... people will love and respect you true you.. no one wants to follow and respect a faker. True colors will always come through. 

EVEN IF IT DOESNT seem like its working at first... it takes time. 
So FIRST STEP - start learning from others.
SECOND STEP - start thinking about what you want to stand for, be known for, be respected for.. what you want people to feel when they think about you or see your post..... 

and now I promise the next one will be about instagram. 


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everyone told me INSTAGRAM was Stupid

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everyone told me INSTAGRAM was Stupid

So a lot has ALREADY happened in 2017. 

If you haven't heard, Colton and myself are official gym owners. 
It's still very surreal to me. 

BUT. Before we get into all that I thought it would be cool to start blogging the journey from where I started and how I got to being able to open a 6200 sq. ft facility. 

If that does not interest you what so ever, I apologise now. The next few post will be stories that led up to this point. 

IT ALL BEGAN when I realised I was NOT cut out for college. There was no way in HELL I was going to be able to finish. I hated being there, my studying skills were awful, and quite frankly I was still in my party faze. 
Extacy anyone? 

I'm not going to get into my full past.
If you really want to know my bio videos are on my youtube. 
I'm your typical kid who came from a jacked up divorce, who was angry, started cutting herself and doing drugs, yotta yotta yotta.... 

In 2010 ( don't quote me on that ) I discovered INSTAGRAM. dun dun dunnnnnn! I wasn't doing anything but partying so I wasn't active on it yet.

 In 2012 I started working at a gym called CG Arena and decided it was time to get my shit together as a coach and start making something of myself. 

I knew one day I wanted to work for myself.
Every gym I ever worked at I always walked in, and after a while I would pick apart the things I did and do not like and have all these ideas on how I would run a gym....

now when you think of those things you also think " yeaaaa but that will never happen "

As I grew as a coach, I had a meeting with a financial advisor to give me tips on "adult stuff." 
( save money, banks, checks, credit, loans, how to even talk to people.... nothing ) 

He gave me the BEST advice anyone had ever given me... 
 " Taylor, by you defining who YOU are and branding who TAYLOR IS, will be how you become successful.... " 

Ran home and starting writing ideas out. I wanted to figure out who I was as an athlete, coach, trainer, and human. How did I want to be seen, what did I want to stand for. 

Boom, my ass got on instagram like it was the best thing next to peanut butter
      post start going like WILDFIRE. Ya i had like 55 followers but I posed like I had thousands... 


Yupppp people made fun of me ALL THE TIME, told me I was so into myself and spent to much time on my phone and it was so dumb and no one cared... blah blah blah.... yea those people are still working at CG Arena for someone else and making 1.25 a person. 
MAKE FUN OF ME NOW... jk ( its a joke no one get sensitive ) 

Shockingly my instagram just kept growing.
I still didn't know where i was going with it yet but I kept at it. 

While everyone else seemed okay with running group classes that focused more on making it "fun" rather than educating the client and showing them what they actually need to do to change their bodies... I was NOT okay with it. I start reading every nutrition book possible and educating myself on nutrition. 

I then started body building and fell in love with lifting. I went and got my USAW cert. and wanted to start a strength program.
So I got the green light to start one at CG and I was in love. I was so passionate about coaching strength and watching people's confidence grow through strength training. 

As my program grew, what CG wanted for their gym was NOT that program. They felt it was creating separation and frankly they weren't fans of TDL and I wasn't a fan of their Gym model. So it was time to split ways. 

I quit in december 2015 after being told they were discontinuing my program.
I said fine and told them I wouldn't do personal training at 75$ a session and only coach "fun" group classes. STUCK TO MY GUNS
yup i was terrified but i KNEW I would not be the coach I could be at that place. 

3 days later I found a place to take my program and pay rent for the space I used. 

I grew my program, I grew my instagram and began building a fucking brand.
A brand that stood for something, a brand that I was proud of and confident in. 

It was 5 years of working on this brand that got me here. 
I worked 7 days a week;  coaching, training, making videos, reading Ebooks, watching videos, learning, talking to people, taking care of my clients... 

I think thats enough for this blog... 
My next one will be on HOW I built my IG.
Then after that I will go into how I got Online training going . 
and then the journey thus far in the " opening a business " 


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I got banned from kohls for life


I got banned from kohls for life

Ending a year means a lot of things. For a business owner, it means getting your shit together to pay your taxes. 

Every time I do this, it's always a time to reflect on the past year on how I did financially. 

I KNOW, MONEYYYYY. A subject that is always touchy for most... 
Why is that? 

Well I want to share my story when it comes to money. Im not weird about it. 
Growing up, we did not have a whole lot of money. We weren't dirt poor eating ramen every night, but we weren't eating steaks either. I was young so I didn't know any better. I didn't have the cutest clothes like my friends, but I was content. 

I was never exposed to what it was like to not worry about money. I would hear arguments about money and be told " we can't afford that "

My mom was a house wife, never someone that made her own money and worked.
As I got older, that became a since of fuel for me to never depend on anyone. I wanted to ALWAYS be okay by myself. 

Since I didn't get a college degree I was terrified of not making good money and surviving. 

In 2010 I started selling drugs and stealing. ( this is not the blog to share my drug dealing days ) 
I had a bad problem with stealing. I would steal every where I went because I always wanted to make sure I had enough. I would steal an ungodly amount of workout clothes, I would steal make up, deodorant, febreeze... yes febreeze. 

I would have wads of cash in my pocket but I would still go and steal stuff. 
I got caught quite a few times and the last time was my last chance and got a ticket, and if I ever got caught again I would go straight to prison. ( this was at a kohls department store and was banned for life ) 

In that moment I thought " how would I ever make enough to money to take care of myself.. to buy the nice things. I want; the nice 12$ deodorant, not the 2$ deodorant. 

With my drug money I was able to pay for my first apartment, 12 months up front ( they didn't let me do that but I had enough to do that ) I made enough money to barely get by... 

When I quit selling drugs and dedicated my life to fitness I was scared shit less I wouldn't be able to make the kind of money I wanted.... 

As years went on, I trusted I was in the place I was suppose to be at and if I gave it everything I had it would work out. IT HAS TO WORK OUT. 

4 years later I have 3 business's. I'm comfortable, I have the car I always wanted, an apartment I love, and a savings account. I love every day, doing what I love and able to reach out to people in ways I never thought I could.... 

THIS IS NOT ME BRAGGING. I never said I was rich. My point is I worked for this and stayed confident and consistent. No one ever gave me money, my family never bailed me out of anything, sent me money, nothing. 

I worked to the bone to get where I am and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I stayed passionate and true to myself through all the shit...All I really regret is that I never seeked out some sort of mentor, but I was too prideful. 

Alll I'm saying is YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN HERO. Don't wait for anyone to save you, or the perfect opportunity to fall in your lap. Youre going to have to work for it. you're going to have to fail at a lot of things. Be hurt by a lot of people. Humble yourself. Be alone a lot. Make some life changing decisions. Wake up early and stay up late. Lose friends. Meet new people. 

But if you stay true to you, the right people will come in your life and stay. The right opportunities will make themselves visible. Get to know yourself and you'll learn the best decisions for you. 

Love yourself. Be proud of yourself. and Stand up for yourself. 



when I voluntarily let someone break my nose... twice


when I voluntarily let someone break my nose... twice

My pup got surgery this week, which is why I missed my blog entry for Tuesday. 

She had a fractured back leg from getting hit by car. She's okay now, just rehabbing her little leg.Thank you for all the kind words sent our way. She's my angel baby!  

So since SURGERY was the topic of the week, I thought it was time to share about my 2016 SURGERY. 


I had a nose job done in April. 

YUPPPP, You read right, a real life nose job. Shit. is. CRAY. 

WHY you ask... Well I got my dads awful nose and I've always been self conscience about it. Once when I was younger a boy told me I had a messed up nose and it made me want to cry. He said it in front of the whole class.I kicked that kids ass 3 years later. 
 Moral of that story is kids are ass holes. 

So forever and always I have hated my nose. It was slightly crooked, had a little hump and too big for my face. When I decided to pursue youtube as an outlet to reach more people, I was mortified because seeing myself on film was just hard. All I could see was NOSE. NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE....  

I went and checked prices a few years ago and it was way out of my budget, so I worked my ass off and saved up the money to pay in full and went for it. I had my consultation and a month later I showed up ready to go.

One thing I will say is they did NOT prepare me for POST OP. Good heavens of all that is holy.... They made it sound like it was a walk in the park. HELL TO THE NO it was not. 

So I strip down to put on my gown, and the doctor shows up and says okay, lets go.... 

I've never been on the stuff they use to put you to sleep and all the good feelers it gives you, but it was amazing... No joke I laid there and thought, man why didn't I ever try herion, why did I pick meth.... you're an idiot .--- Don't get sensitive it really is what I thought. 

So I drift into the deepest sleep ever and when it was all done I woke up and felt like I had got mugged and beaten in the face with a bat. 
Apparently I've got strong bones and the procedure took a little more man power than expected. 

So what happens is they stick two metal rods on each side at the top of your nose and push side to side until its completely broken. They had to break mine in 2 places, and apparently was really difficult to break. 

The quoted 2 hour operation took 4. Sorry doc.... I GOT A STRONG FACE. 

post op - The sleep pills only made me INSANELY sleepy but never to sleep and made me feel sick AND the pain meds also made me really sick... so that was fantastic, no medicine for taylor as my face was broken and healing. FML. 

I looked like hannibal lecter, I had an itch I couldn't scratch, I could breathe, my mom was a nightmare trying to take care of me, and I felt every pain possible. Sleeping was impossible... and 3 days felt like 20. 
Needless to say it was awful. 
OH and my black eyes.... that was just precious. After the splint came off my face is still swollen and I have 2 black eyes; meaning public appearances are a no.... 

OF COURSE I was told I couldn't work out, so I didn't... for 3-4 weeks. Then I started doing SLOW cardio and light weight, which I shouldn't have but I did. 

So they say, for a complete year your nose still moves and adjusts.... crazy right? a year... 
Well my nose stayed super swollen on one side for 4-5 months which made it look insanely crooked.... 

CAN YOU SAY FREAK OUT?  I was a MESS. I couldn't workout and I thought my 5,000$ was a waste. I was calling my doctors nurse every week crying hysterically, sending pictures thinking I messed it up some how and its crooked forever.
A real mind fuck I tell ya...

I JUST WANTED TO COME OUT LOOKING LIKE CINDY CRAWFORD INSTANTLY... its 2016 people that should be a thing.  

time went on, swelling went down, I got over it and I'm back to killing it in the gym. 
Whether you support plastic surgery or not, I did it. I don't regret it. and I'm happy I did it. 
Would I do it again? .... I don't know. That crap was rough. But to not be self conscience in videos / photos is a pretty great feeling after 27 years of feeling embarrassed. 

Ya I know what youre doing now, you are trying to go and try to find pics of before I had it done and compare... YOU KNOW WHAT I'll even post a before and after attached to this. 


if you have ANY questions on this please ask, I'm not shy.... well I am actually really shy, but I'll talk about that another day. 

side note , it was really funny when people did see me with black eyes and think I was in an abusive relationship    (colton... ) hahaha. still makes me laugh. 

Well thats my nose story. You're either bored out of your mind right now and wishing you had your 10 minutes of life back, or really entertained.... 

I support self love, and if that takes a little alteration thats okay too... but do it for YOU no one else. 


WARNING - this might make you quit your job....


WARNING - this might make you quit your job....

I am very exhilirated to write this blog.  

The other day I was driving down I-35 headed South to go to a gymnastics session at CF Jaakarhu. 
The weather felt wonderful, the sun was peaking out just a bit.
It was nice since it had been freezing the past few days. 

If you don't know, I-35 is a very congested highway... As I was coming up to downtown area,
I had to slow down for traffic. 
As I approached this bridge, I looked up and saw a couple cop cars and a mass ship of humans walking; protesting, holding signs, fist in the air, screaming at the top of there lunges. Everyone was walking as one towards one direction... and all I could think was... How beautiful that was. How truly amazing it was to see. it made my heart beat al title fasted and get chills. 

I had no idea what they were protesting for.
No clue, for all I know they were protesting to kill babies.... 

But WHAT they were protesting for is not the point.. 
I'm sure I'm about to lose you. Thinking, why in the world is a bunch of Austin hippies protesting worth writing a blog about. 

stick with me.
What was so capturing about it is that they stood for something... 
They stood for something that mattered SO MUCH to them that they were willing to protest about it, to walk with each other and let everyone know. 
That's passion... a form of true passion. 
Take away the whys, and really look at it. It has to be something we all crave. For something to matter that much to us, something that gives us a feeling of purpose. 

So I want to write this in hopes to light a fire inside of you. 

Many of us are walking zombies, living the same life everyday... 9-5. See the same people every morning.... 
Complain to Sharron about what your husband is doing now. Wearing your nordstrom rack outfit that you actually hate. Eating out because you aren't motivated to eat healthy because youre surrounded by people all living the same way. 
Going out on the weekends, drinking with same people, spending money at bars. Some making bad decisions... I could go on but you get my point. 

That is not living. 

One of my favorite quotes
" The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them. "
You are a living, breathing human being. A true master piece. Don't bury your dreams and creativity because you're scared of them or not sure what to do with them... 

Find your passion and live it. Some how. 
Stand for something, believe in SOMETHING. Anything. I am begging you to come alive and protest for anything. 

The best way to start, is to check your surroundings.
Are your surroundings something that is bringing out the best version of you? Are the people you are allowing in your world speaking life to your dreams and supporting you? 

IT IS NOT SELFISH TO ASK YOURSELF about the people in your life ----
so many of us are scared to ask that because we are being told thats selfish. 
Bull Shit. 

If they aren't bringing a positive aspect to your life, they aren't good enough for your world. Hold yourself to high standards and stand up for what you deserve. 

 " YOU GO GLEN CO CO " - sorry it was needed right then. 

So step one. Revaluate your surroundings. 
Two, find people who bring you up and who you can talk about your passions and dreams with. 
Three, pursue. Easier said then done... I KNOW.
Talk to people doing what you want to be doing. Ask questions... FIGURE IT OUT. Just don't give up.... 

Life needs what you have to offer. People need what you have to give. Everyone has their purpose, you just have to find it. Its there, and it will be so painfully obvious when you find it because just talking about it will truly make you have goosebumps ( i just got them ) 

As for me. I am passionate about people. 
I  know not doughnuts and puppies but close  .... but it's people. Impacting them any way I can. I want to be a light for humans. 

Fitness was my way to express myself. My way to Feel. It drives me. Its so beautiful to show yourself just how strong you can really be. And I use my passion for fitness to motivate others, and maybe bring some life to there life with fitness and coaching. 

This is why I started the blog, another way to reach people. 

Yes I'm youngish, but I have lived a lot of life I can promise you that. 
My passion saved my life. 
I was an angry angry person, who didn't give a shit. 
I wanted to party and forget feeling like complete loser. 
I started selling drugs, and no joke, my JOB was a drug dealer. I paid bills with drug money. 
For a year and a half I sold drugs. 

A job opportunity oUT OF NO WHERE dropped in lap to be a trainer at a gym full time, and I decided to run with it with every drop of blood and energy I had. I knew I was missing out on what I needed to be doing by living that lifestyle.  I quit selling THAT day and never looked back. Toes forward, tunnel vision and took off running. 

I found it. I found what I needed in my life. And that was coaching. 

Find your passion. It will save your life and impact many along the way. 



Let them tits Fly


Let them tits Fly

The sudective, half naked, dripping wet, bent over, sexy eyes is what seems to be STILL, the top sellers. 
I would have thought that died out in the 90s with playboy, but it has not. 

What HAS happened is that it has spilled over into the fitness community like a damn plague. 

So where is the line between a nude shoot and a fitness shoot?
Why is it now "fitness" because the naked model is in a boxing room or a weight room? 
Why is it fitness because the model has "fit" in his/her Instagram handle? 

You know, I was going to go one way with this blog, but I'm going to change gears on you.
I was going to run with "the bashing" of how its wrong and how it's not fitness.
But one, I hate the word bashing and two it's not what is going to get my point across. 

I AM ALL ABOUT " YOU DO YOU " and if I'm feeling feisty " you do you boo, boo. " 

If you want to let a dude with a camera, that claims to make art, but then the only stuff on his IG is naked girls, and makes you one of his "models",
again YOU DO YOU. 

And let me stop right there!
Some professional photographers can make a nude shoot classy and BEAUTIFUL.
Kai York does the most beautiful shoots of women. His photographs make you feel something, and see that his model FEELS beautiful. 

But IN MY OPINION, there is a huge difference between and professional classy photo, and just a dirty sex driven photo. It's about what that photo makes you feel. 

Many will disagree. Many will say, naked is naked. and I GET that and respect that. 

Lets switch gears and go into the videos I'm seeing now. 
I love that you're into fitness and want to share the workouts you're doing, but to put the camera on the floor between your legs while you're doing sumo squats.... 
or of bent over rows with the camera set up behind you as you are bent over in spandex... makes me only think this video is for one reason, and its not fitness related.


I'm getting to my point, I promise I'm not bashing... 
This has nothing to do with the appearance of the female, big boobs, little boobs, fake hair, no hair, trans WHATEVER.

The question is - Does the post you put out there represent the version of you that you want to be seen as?

DOES THE PHOTOS you post barely covering your nipples laying on the ground represent YOU. 
DO the videos you post represent the best version of you. 
Is the number of likes from thirsty dudes on your photos worth it to you, over a different type of picture that maybe doesn't get as many likes? 

If you put your true self out there, your personality, the real you, and randomly post a little skin, you still will have the respect. 
its the pages that are driven with provocative photos / videos that invite the mind to go strait to sex.  That is what I'm talking about here. 

Its the daily video and photos being posted that are being masking by calling it fitness. 

Some of these things,  I, at age 28, even have to look away and do a hail mary. Bless my soul I just saw the outline of your vagina lips, but your caption is telling me you're showing me how to do a single leg step up. 

Just some food for thought is all. 
Im not innocent nor am i saying I am. The photo I attached shows a little booty.

All I want to put out there is make the "online" you, match you, your heart, and your intentions. Don't get mixed up in the "sex sells" side of it all.
People will respect you for what you post. Make it positive, be a positive light for someone. 
Naked or not, it just depends what kind of people are you trying to motivate and impact.

Im a huge advocate for being YOU.
Being exactly who YOU are. and Respect the F. out of yourself...
Hold yourself at the highest standards. 

And don't get me started on why its not fair that men can post half naked photos and its okay and women do it and they are dirty for it. I didn't make that rules or create that in the world. Its the way it is, get over it. 

and lets be honest Men just aren't as beautiful as women ;-) 

So through my rambling, if you take anything away from this, scroll though your page and ask yourself, does this represent me... does this put out the vibes to the universe that I intend, the thoughts I want people to think when they see this... thats all. 
Be Brave, Be Bold. and stay True. 

and shit if your true self is posting naked then let them Tits fly home girl .... <3

* and side note. if you have the words " Jesus first "in your bio, but you are posting your naked self all over the internet and videos of your vagina and using fitness as the reason... me and you need to have our own one on one kinda talk, because that is 3 kinds of not okay. 


wiping my hands of 2016


wiping my hands of 2016

So here it goes. First blog of what I HOPE to be many. 

Why start now? I'm taking the advice of many to start a blog because I guess I have what you would say "strong" feelings on certain things, with some humour spun in it, with a splash of "asshole" on top. 

And I have a story worth telling, but we will get to that at some point. 

Sitting here sipping out of my giant hulk hand coffee mug and thinking " I feel like I should be wearing a pair of thick black rimmed glasses, in some baggy P.J's at a desk.... but I'm sitting in joggers, my hair is 3 days unwashed, and the barstool I'm sitting on is too big for the bar, but I'm making it work. 

Do i have to call my self a "blogger" now? i hope not. 

ok, ok to the point. Its a new year.. 2017-
and I'm going to use this post to look back at my 2016...

haha.. ahhh. so I'm sitting here torn between
1.do I speak in a positive light, or 2. just be blunt...
I think we all know what I will choose. To be blunt 2016 was a shit show. 

Month one, I was just moving my Strength program I was running at my previous Job. a job I poured my damn soul into, my entire heart, working 6-7 days a week for 3 years. Then at the end of 2015 going into 2016 they decided they did not want my strength program there anymore and I was going to take a pay cut of 800$/mo. and have to do only one on ones. Long Story short it was a dick move and I was going to be broke if I agreed to the terms, and my passion was my strength program. SO I made a very dramatic exit, turned into the hulk, flipped the table, threw papers in the air, picked my manager up and threw her, told everyone how I really felt and made my exit with my middle finger in the air....

Okay that didn't happen, but i DID quit on the spot, said a few words , and walked out, middle finger up. 
Went and had a crying angry fit in my car. hurt my hand hitting it on the steering wheel.
Went home. 
Called my only 3 friends and told them what happened. 
Got my shit together and decided I was going to be okay. 

Contacted a crossfit gym about bringing my program there and boom worked out
and it was across the street from my previous job. 

short story of things that happened:
I contacted a team and started on a crossfit team. 
( positive thing) I met my sweet Man through this crossfit adventure. 
But the coach wasn't my cup of tea.... thats me being nice
a "friend" of mine at the time contacted me wanting to move to austin and start a youtube channel and I was like F YEA. 
Made sure he had a job and a home ( he moved into my room and I moved in with my boyfriend, but I still paid rent at my house ) 
He became a user and not wanting to work.
So I got screwed on that one. 

Quit Crossfit. 
Decided to get a nose job. 
Moved out of my house. 

WAIT did she say nose job. 
YEA. crazy right? something I've always been self conscience about. Ill write a blog about that on its own. that shit is crazy.... 

Moved into a buddys house, renting out a room. 
The dude never wanted his a/c below 75. It was summer time.
Enough said. 
Sweating and sleeping next to someone is worse then having a small dog naw on my toe.... 
So that ended quickly and moved into another "friends" house. 
That also came to a quick end because they wanted to charge us as individuals and not for the room, so we were each going to pay to live in one room, the amount that we could have our own apt. 
so that's what we did, moved into an apt that was right by the new gym.

I KNOW, CAN WE JUST CATCH A FUCKIN BREAK. and moving SUCKS especially when you own 72 pairs of shoes and spandex. 

Now back to gym. we moved into a new facility with the crossfit gig around March. Thought this was going to be IT.
This was going to be my big break.
Make this gym into everything we visioned. 

Slowly, as the year went on, that situation turned into a shit show. 
We were all on different paths, communication was the fault of 80 of it. . 
Ill keep that situation short and sweet. But in december we were given a 21 days notice to take our programs and find a new facility ( YES THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN ) 

So I, at this point, just want to lay on the floor and again, throw my middle finger up in da air. 

But, I do what I do, take the hit, smile, & ask is that all you got.... and land on my feet. 

Found some where else to take my program.... 

What I can say thats amazing, is my clients. My loyal fucking clients that have followed me to every location I've landed at and had my back. For them, I will work my ass off to make sure they are taken care of. Truly is an AMAZING feeling to have a group of human beings that are loyal to you like that because they trust what your coaching, and they know I truly care about them as people and athletes....
ok I'm getting emotional and showing feelings. gross. 

SO to conclude. 2016 was NOT my year. great things happened, some really shitty things happened... 

But for 2017, mark my words... I guess me writing it out is marking, but I wanted to be dramatic. 

I will have my own facility this year and open a gym that WILL be successful. 

I will grow my youtube channel. 
I will keep this blog going. 
I will make new apparel. 
I will drink a lot of coffee. 
I will read more. 
I will publish the best newsletters ( SUBSCRIBE NOW) actually the first few might be rough but I'm learning... love you
I will overcome all this shit and it will put me exactly where I'm meant to be. 

I think that will conclude my first blog entry... 
Do i win something? 
Idk i feel like this is like my dairy... haha dairy wait. I really can't spell diary. oh there it is. & i'm going to leave that right there. 

Im not sure what my blogs will be like, a lot of sarcasm, stories of my past, things that happen, people that annoy me. but i will say this. its not for the sensitive, so leave that else where when you read these. 
This is just me being transparent and real and raw, if you aren't a fan of things I say you do not have to read it. 

I won't be everyones cup of tea and thats okay

have a happy fucking wednesday. do something today that makes some else's life better.