I am very exhilirated to write this blog.  

The other day I was driving down I-35 headed South to go to a gymnastics session at CF Jaakarhu. 
The weather felt wonderful, the sun was peaking out just a bit.
It was nice since it had been freezing the past few days. 

If you don't know, I-35 is a very congested highway... As I was coming up to downtown area,
I had to slow down for traffic. 
As I approached this bridge, I looked up and saw a couple cop cars and a mass ship of humans walking; protesting, holding signs, fist in the air, screaming at the top of there lunges. Everyone was walking as one towards one direction... and all I could think was... How beautiful that was. How truly amazing it was to see. it made my heart beat al title fasted and get chills. 

I had no idea what they were protesting for.
No clue, for all I know they were protesting to kill babies.... 

But WHAT they were protesting for is not the point.. 
I'm sure I'm about to lose you. Thinking, why in the world is a bunch of Austin hippies protesting worth writing a blog about. 

stick with me.
What was so capturing about it is that they stood for something... 
They stood for something that mattered SO MUCH to them that they were willing to protest about it, to walk with each other and let everyone know. 
That's passion... a form of true passion. 
Take away the whys, and really look at it. It has to be something we all crave. For something to matter that much to us, something that gives us a feeling of purpose. 

So I want to write this in hopes to light a fire inside of you. 

Many of us are walking zombies, living the same life everyday... 9-5. See the same people every morning.... 
Complain to Sharron about what your husband is doing now. Wearing your nordstrom rack outfit that you actually hate. Eating out because you aren't motivated to eat healthy because youre surrounded by people all living the same way. 
Going out on the weekends, drinking with same people, spending money at bars. Some making bad decisions... I could go on but you get my point. 

That is not living. 

One of my favorite quotes
" The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them. "
You are a living, breathing human being. A true master piece. Don't bury your dreams and creativity because you're scared of them or not sure what to do with them... 

Find your passion and live it. Some how. 
Stand for something, believe in SOMETHING. Anything. I am begging you to come alive and protest for anything. 

The best way to start, is to check your surroundings.
Are your surroundings something that is bringing out the best version of you? Are the people you are allowing in your world speaking life to your dreams and supporting you? 

IT IS NOT SELFISH TO ASK YOURSELF about the people in your life ----
so many of us are scared to ask that because we are being told thats selfish. 
Bull Shit. 

If they aren't bringing a positive aspect to your life, they aren't good enough for your world. Hold yourself to high standards and stand up for what you deserve. 

 " YOU GO GLEN CO CO " - sorry it was needed right then. 

So step one. Revaluate your surroundings. 
Two, find people who bring you up and who you can talk about your passions and dreams with. 
Three, pursue. Easier said then done... I KNOW.
Talk to people doing what you want to be doing. Ask questions... FIGURE IT OUT. Just don't give up.... 

Life needs what you have to offer. People need what you have to give. Everyone has their purpose, you just have to find it. Its there, and it will be so painfully obvious when you find it because just talking about it will truly make you have goosebumps ( i just got them ) 

As for me. I am passionate about people. 
I  know not doughnuts and puppies but close  .... but it's people. Impacting them any way I can. I want to be a light for humans. 

Fitness was my way to express myself. My way to Feel. It drives me. Its so beautiful to show yourself just how strong you can really be. And I use my passion for fitness to motivate others, and maybe bring some life to there life with fitness and coaching. 

This is why I started the blog, another way to reach people. 

Yes I'm youngish, but I have lived a lot of life I can promise you that. 
My passion saved my life. 
I was an angry angry person, who didn't give a shit. 
I wanted to party and forget feeling like complete loser. 
I started selling drugs, and no joke, my JOB was a drug dealer. I paid bills with drug money. 
For a year and a half I sold drugs. 

A job opportunity oUT OF NO WHERE dropped in lap to be a trainer at a gym full time, and I decided to run with it with every drop of blood and energy I had. I knew I was missing out on what I needed to be doing by living that lifestyle.  I quit selling THAT day and never looked back. Toes forward, tunnel vision and took off running. 

I found it. I found what I needed in my life. And that was coaching. 

Find your passion. It will save your life and impact many along the way.