My pup got surgery this week, which is why I missed my blog entry for Tuesday. 

She had a fractured back leg from getting hit by car. She's okay now, just rehabbing her little leg.Thank you for all the kind words sent our way. She's my angel baby!  

So since SURGERY was the topic of the week, I thought it was time to share about my 2016 SURGERY. 


I had a nose job done in April. 

YUPPPP, You read right, a real life nose job. Shit. is. CRAY. 

WHY you ask... Well I got my dads awful nose and I've always been self conscience about it. Once when I was younger a boy told me I had a messed up nose and it made me want to cry. He said it in front of the whole class.I kicked that kids ass 3 years later. 
 Moral of that story is kids are ass holes. 

So forever and always I have hated my nose. It was slightly crooked, had a little hump and too big for my face. When I decided to pursue youtube as an outlet to reach more people, I was mortified because seeing myself on film was just hard. All I could see was NOSE. NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE....  

I went and checked prices a few years ago and it was way out of my budget, so I worked my ass off and saved up the money to pay in full and went for it. I had my consultation and a month later I showed up ready to go.

One thing I will say is they did NOT prepare me for POST OP. Good heavens of all that is holy.... They made it sound like it was a walk in the park. HELL TO THE NO it was not. 

So I strip down to put on my gown, and the doctor shows up and says okay, lets go.... 

I've never been on the stuff they use to put you to sleep and all the good feelers it gives you, but it was amazing... No joke I laid there and thought, man why didn't I ever try herion, why did I pick meth.... you're an idiot .--- Don't get sensitive it really is what I thought. 

So I drift into the deepest sleep ever and when it was all done I woke up and felt like I had got mugged and beaten in the face with a bat. 
Apparently I've got strong bones and the procedure took a little more man power than expected. 

So what happens is they stick two metal rods on each side at the top of your nose and push side to side until its completely broken. They had to break mine in 2 places, and apparently was really difficult to break. 

The quoted 2 hour operation took 4. Sorry doc.... I GOT A STRONG FACE. 

post op - The sleep pills only made me INSANELY sleepy but never to sleep and made me feel sick AND the pain meds also made me really sick... so that was fantastic, no medicine for taylor as my face was broken and healing. FML. 

I looked like hannibal lecter, I had an itch I couldn't scratch, I could breathe, my mom was a nightmare trying to take care of me, and I felt every pain possible. Sleeping was impossible... and 3 days felt like 20. 
Needless to say it was awful. 
OH and my black eyes.... that was just precious. After the splint came off my face is still swollen and I have 2 black eyes; meaning public appearances are a no.... 

OF COURSE I was told I couldn't work out, so I didn't... for 3-4 weeks. Then I started doing SLOW cardio and light weight, which I shouldn't have but I did. 

So they say, for a complete year your nose still moves and adjusts.... crazy right? a year... 
Well my nose stayed super swollen on one side for 4-5 months which made it look insanely crooked.... 

CAN YOU SAY FREAK OUT?  I was a MESS. I couldn't workout and I thought my 5,000$ was a waste. I was calling my doctors nurse every week crying hysterically, sending pictures thinking I messed it up some how and its crooked forever.
A real mind fuck I tell ya...

I JUST WANTED TO COME OUT LOOKING LIKE CINDY CRAWFORD INSTANTLY... its 2016 people that should be a thing.  

time went on, swelling went down, I got over it and I'm back to killing it in the gym. 
Whether you support plastic surgery or not, I did it. I don't regret it. and I'm happy I did it. 
Would I do it again? .... I don't know. That crap was rough. But to not be self conscience in videos / photos is a pretty great feeling after 27 years of feeling embarrassed. 

Ya I know what youre doing now, you are trying to go and try to find pics of before I had it done and compare... YOU KNOW WHAT I'll even post a before and after attached to this. 


if you have ANY questions on this please ask, I'm not shy.... well I am actually really shy, but I'll talk about that another day. 

side note , it was really funny when people did see me with black eyes and think I was in an abusive relationship    (colton... ) hahaha. still makes me laugh. 

Well thats my nose story. You're either bored out of your mind right now and wishing you had your 10 minutes of life back, or really entertained.... 

I support self love, and if that takes a little alteration thats okay too... but do it for YOU no one else.