Ending a year means a lot of things. For a business owner, it means getting your shit together to pay your taxes. 

Every time I do this, it's always a time to reflect on the past year on how I did financially. 

I KNOW, MONEYYYYY. A subject that is always touchy for most... 
Why is that? 

Well I want to share my story when it comes to money. Im not weird about it. 
Growing up, we did not have a whole lot of money. We weren't dirt poor eating ramen every night, but we weren't eating steaks either. I was young so I didn't know any better. I didn't have the cutest clothes like my friends, but I was content. 

I was never exposed to what it was like to not worry about money. I would hear arguments about money and be told " we can't afford that "

My mom was a house wife, never someone that made her own money and worked.
As I got older, that became a since of fuel for me to never depend on anyone. I wanted to ALWAYS be okay by myself. 

Since I didn't get a college degree I was terrified of not making good money and surviving. 

In 2010 I started selling drugs and stealing. ( this is not the blog to share my drug dealing days ) 
I had a bad problem with stealing. I would steal every where I went because I always wanted to make sure I had enough. I would steal an ungodly amount of workout clothes, I would steal make up, deodorant, febreeze... yes febreeze. 

I would have wads of cash in my pocket but I would still go and steal stuff. 
I got caught quite a few times and the last time was my last chance and got a ticket, and if I ever got caught again I would go straight to prison. ( this was at a kohls department store and was banned for life ) 

In that moment I thought " how would I ever make enough to money to take care of myself.. to buy the nice things. I want; the nice 12$ deodorant, not the 2$ deodorant. 

With my drug money I was able to pay for my first apartment, 12 months up front ( they didn't let me do that but I had enough to do that ) I made enough money to barely get by... 

When I quit selling drugs and dedicated my life to fitness I was scared shit less I wouldn't be able to make the kind of money I wanted.... 

As years went on, I trusted I was in the place I was suppose to be at and if I gave it everything I had it would work out. IT HAS TO WORK OUT. 

4 years later I have 3 business's. I'm comfortable, I have the car I always wanted, an apartment I love, and a savings account. I love every day, doing what I love and able to reach out to people in ways I never thought I could.... 

THIS IS NOT ME BRAGGING. I never said I was rich. My point is I worked for this and stayed confident and consistent. No one ever gave me money, my family never bailed me out of anything, sent me money, nothing. 

I worked to the bone to get where I am and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I stayed passionate and true to myself through all the shit...All I really regret is that I never seeked out some sort of mentor, but I was too prideful. 

Alll I'm saying is YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN HERO. Don't wait for anyone to save you, or the perfect opportunity to fall in your lap. Youre going to have to work for it. you're going to have to fail at a lot of things. Be hurt by a lot of people. Humble yourself. Be alone a lot. Make some life changing decisions. Wake up early and stay up late. Lose friends. Meet new people. 

But if you stay true to you, the right people will come in your life and stay. The right opportunities will make themselves visible. Get to know yourself and you'll learn the best decisions for you. 

Love yourself. Be proud of yourself. and Stand up for yourself.