So here it goes. First blog of what I HOPE to be many. 

Why start now? I'm taking the advice of many to start a blog because I guess I have what you would say "strong" feelings on certain things, with some humour spun in it, with a splash of "asshole" on top. 

And I have a story worth telling, but we will get to that at some point. 

Sitting here sipping out of my giant hulk hand coffee mug and thinking " I feel like I should be wearing a pair of thick black rimmed glasses, in some baggy P.J's at a desk.... but I'm sitting in joggers, my hair is 3 days unwashed, and the barstool I'm sitting on is too big for the bar, but I'm making it work. 

Do i have to call my self a "blogger" now? i hope not. 

ok, ok to the point. Its a new year.. 2017-
and I'm going to use this post to look back at my 2016...

haha.. ahhh. so I'm sitting here torn between I speak in a positive light, or 2. just be blunt...
I think we all know what I will choose. To be blunt 2016 was a shit show. 

Month one, I was just moving my Strength program I was running at my previous Job. a job I poured my damn soul into, my entire heart, working 6-7 days a week for 3 years. Then at the end of 2015 going into 2016 they decided they did not want my strength program there anymore and I was going to take a pay cut of 800$/mo. and have to do only one on ones. Long Story short it was a dick move and I was going to be broke if I agreed to the terms, and my passion was my strength program. SO I made a very dramatic exit, turned into the hulk, flipped the table, threw papers in the air, picked my manager up and threw her, told everyone how I really felt and made my exit with my middle finger in the air....

Okay that didn't happen, but i DID quit on the spot, said a few words , and walked out, middle finger up. 
Went and had a crying angry fit in my car. hurt my hand hitting it on the steering wheel.
Went home. 
Called my only 3 friends and told them what happened. 
Got my shit together and decided I was going to be okay. 

Contacted a crossfit gym about bringing my program there and boom worked out
and it was across the street from my previous job. 

short story of things that happened:
I contacted a team and started on a crossfit team. 
( positive thing) I met my sweet Man through this crossfit adventure. 
But the coach wasn't my cup of tea.... thats me being nice
a "friend" of mine at the time contacted me wanting to move to austin and start a youtube channel and I was like F YEA. 
Made sure he had a job and a home ( he moved into my room and I moved in with my boyfriend, but I still paid rent at my house ) 
He became a user and not wanting to work.
So I got screwed on that one. 

Quit Crossfit. 
Decided to get a nose job. 
Moved out of my house. 

WAIT did she say nose job. 
YEA. crazy right? something I've always been self conscience about. Ill write a blog about that on its own. that shit is crazy.... 

Moved into a buddys house, renting out a room. 
The dude never wanted his a/c below 75. It was summer time.
Enough said. 
Sweating and sleeping next to someone is worse then having a small dog naw on my toe.... 
So that ended quickly and moved into another "friends" house. 
That also came to a quick end because they wanted to charge us as individuals and not for the room, so we were each going to pay to live in one room, the amount that we could have our own apt. 
so that's what we did, moved into an apt that was right by the new gym.

I KNOW, CAN WE JUST CATCH A FUCKIN BREAK. and moving SUCKS especially when you own 72 pairs of shoes and spandex. 

Now back to gym. we moved into a new facility with the crossfit gig around March. Thought this was going to be IT.
This was going to be my big break.
Make this gym into everything we visioned. 

Slowly, as the year went on, that situation turned into a shit show. 
We were all on different paths, communication was the fault of 80 of it. . 
Ill keep that situation short and sweet. But in december we were given a 21 days notice to take our programs and find a new facility ( YES THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN ) 

So I, at this point, just want to lay on the floor and again, throw my middle finger up in da air. 

But, I do what I do, take the hit, smile, & ask is that all you got.... and land on my feet. 

Found some where else to take my program.... 

What I can say thats amazing, is my clients. My loyal fucking clients that have followed me to every location I've landed at and had my back. For them, I will work my ass off to make sure they are taken care of. Truly is an AMAZING feeling to have a group of human beings that are loyal to you like that because they trust what your coaching, and they know I truly care about them as people and athletes....
ok I'm getting emotional and showing feelings. gross. 

SO to conclude. 2016 was NOT my year. great things happened, some really shitty things happened... 

But for 2017, mark my words... I guess me writing it out is marking, but I wanted to be dramatic. 

I will have my own facility this year and open a gym that WILL be successful. 

I will grow my youtube channel. 
I will keep this blog going. 
I will make new apparel. 
I will drink a lot of coffee. 
I will read more. 
I will publish the best newsletters ( SUBSCRIBE NOW) actually the first few might be rough but I'm learning... love you
I will overcome all this shit and it will put me exactly where I'm meant to be. 

I think that will conclude my first blog entry... 
Do i win something? 
Idk i feel like this is like my dairy... haha dairy wait. I really can't spell diary. oh there it is. & i'm going to leave that right there. 

Im not sure what my blogs will be like, a lot of sarcasm, stories of my past, things that happen, people that annoy me. but i will say this. its not for the sensitive, so leave that else where when you read these. 
This is just me being transparent and real and raw, if you aren't a fan of things I say you do not have to read it. 

I won't be everyones cup of tea and thats okay

have a happy fucking wednesday. do something today that makes some else's life better.