So a lot has ALREADY happened in 2017. 

If you haven't heard, Colton and myself are official gym owners. 
It's still very surreal to me. 

BUT. Before we get into all that I thought it would be cool to start blogging the journey from where I started and how I got to being able to open a 6200 sq. ft facility. 

If that does not interest you what so ever, I apologise now. The next few post will be stories that led up to this point. 

IT ALL BEGAN when I realised I was NOT cut out for college. There was no way in HELL I was going to be able to finish. I hated being there, my studying skills were awful, and quite frankly I was still in my party faze. 
Extacy anyone? 

I'm not going to get into my full past.
If you really want to know my bio videos are on my youtube. 
I'm your typical kid who came from a jacked up divorce, who was angry, started cutting herself and doing drugs, yotta yotta yotta.... 

In 2010 ( don't quote me on that ) I discovered INSTAGRAM. dun dun dunnnnnn! I wasn't doing anything but partying so I wasn't active on it yet.

 In 2012 I started working at a gym called CG Arena and decided it was time to get my shit together as a coach and start making something of myself. 

I knew one day I wanted to work for myself.
Every gym I ever worked at I always walked in, and after a while I would pick apart the things I did and do not like and have all these ideas on how I would run a gym....

now when you think of those things you also think " yeaaaa but that will never happen "

As I grew as a coach, I had a meeting with a financial advisor to give me tips on "adult stuff." 
( save money, banks, checks, credit, loans, how to even talk to people.... nothing ) 

He gave me the BEST advice anyone had ever given me... 
 " Taylor, by you defining who YOU are and branding who TAYLOR IS, will be how you become successful.... " 

Ran home and starting writing ideas out. I wanted to figure out who I was as an athlete, coach, trainer, and human. How did I want to be seen, what did I want to stand for. 

Boom, my ass got on instagram like it was the best thing next to peanut butter
      post start going like WILDFIRE. Ya i had like 55 followers but I posed like I had thousands... 


Yupppp people made fun of me ALL THE TIME, told me I was so into myself and spent to much time on my phone and it was so dumb and no one cared... blah blah blah.... yea those people are still working at CG Arena for someone else and making 1.25 a person. 
MAKE FUN OF ME NOW... jk ( its a joke no one get sensitive ) 

Shockingly my instagram just kept growing.
I still didn't know where i was going with it yet but I kept at it. 

While everyone else seemed okay with running group classes that focused more on making it "fun" rather than educating the client and showing them what they actually need to do to change their bodies... I was NOT okay with it. I start reading every nutrition book possible and educating myself on nutrition. 

I then started body building and fell in love with lifting. I went and got my USAW cert. and wanted to start a strength program.
So I got the green light to start one at CG and I was in love. I was so passionate about coaching strength and watching people's confidence grow through strength training. 

As my program grew, what CG wanted for their gym was NOT that program. They felt it was creating separation and frankly they weren't fans of TDL and I wasn't a fan of their Gym model. So it was time to split ways. 

I quit in december 2015 after being told they were discontinuing my program.
I said fine and told them I wouldn't do personal training at 75$ a session and only coach "fun" group classes. STUCK TO MY GUNS
yup i was terrified but i KNEW I would not be the coach I could be at that place. 

3 days later I found a place to take my program and pay rent for the space I used. 

I grew my program, I grew my instagram and began building a fucking brand.
A brand that stood for something, a brand that I was proud of and confident in. 

It was 5 years of working on this brand that got me here. 
I worked 7 days a week;  coaching, training, making videos, reading Ebooks, watching videos, learning, talking to people, taking care of my clients... 

I think thats enough for this blog... 
My next one will be on HOW I built my IG.
Then after that I will go into how I got Online training going . 
and then the journey thus far in the " opening a business " 


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