I lied to you. 
I said this would be about how I built my instagram, 
and thats not what I want to get to yet.... 

Lets take 3 steps back to me training at the YMCA when I actually decided to start educating myself. 

So as I said before I am not a "school" person... I tried. I really did. l gave college 4 tries. LITERALLY 4 DIFFERENT TIMES. 
I call that trying dammit. 

So I decided to learn more hands on. 
I worked at the Y in 2009.



I watched and talked to every trainer at the YMCA. I watched youtube video after youtube video. I would read Ebooks. 

I had almost every trainer at the Y put me through workouts weekly. I wanted to see their different styles and really took note of what worked for and didn't. I would ask them questions on their programming, the why's. I would talk to their clients and ask them how that program was going for them. 

I think that was the best thing I could ever do. 
So when I started getting clients I applied what I liked, took away what I didn't like and added my own TDL twist on it... I paid attention to my client and made them tell me weekly what was going on what they didn't like etc.. I was always completely honest and told them I was learning and I wanted their complete honesty to make me a better coach. 

To this day I still watch, read, and learn from others. Instagram is a damn gold mine of education.

some advice
1. Don't think you can only learn in classroom or by someone that claims themselves as a master
2. Don't think you've learned Enough
3. Don't doubt yourself if what you have learned thus far
4. Don't be afraid to ask questions

As I moved on from the YMCA and started working in a boxing gym, I continued to put myself through all different styles of working out and making my friends let me put them through workouts. ( yea I was still being a heathen and doing bad things but I still had a love for fitness through it all ) 

Every place I went I just observed. 
I start watching Camp Gladiator bootcamps when I thought I wanted to go that route..  I would pull what I liked and didn't like and applied it to my training. 

What I was doing this whole time was creating my brand... I didn't know it at the time, but as I was building my type of training in my head I was building my brand... my style. 

When I started CG Arena... thats when I really started to realise I was SO DIFFERENT from everyone else there. My feelings towards fitness, my passion, was so much deeper than everyone elses. I cared so deeply about the clients progress over if they had fun that day. 

YES I understand fitness can be fun, but who's having fun doing the same style workouts after 2 years and still looking the EXACT same. 

I WANTED TO TELL THEM WHY. I wanted to be able to show them how to change their bodies and educate them... I wanted to not just teach "groupX" I wanted to make a difference. 

I learned ALOT at CG. hah. 
A lot. 

Being such a strong personality... you will have people who LOVE you, adore you, think you hung the moon...

and you will have people who think you are satans sister who woke up that day ONLY to ruin their day and that I was the most mean, hateful person in the world. 

fun fact. we would have member surveys and I had the most loving and hateful messages from people lol. Like polar opposites, most peoples were the same across the board ( she's nice, great, peppy ) 
Mine were " taylor changed my life completely and I only come to cg for her "
or " taylor is a bitch and should be fired "
lol. That is 100% true. 

So I had to learn customer service, how to play nice, and even out my extreme personality. 
I expected clients to come and fucking work. To come ready to work... but very hard in an environment that really just wants everyone to have fun and feel like they did a good job just by showing up... 
ALL THE WHILE, watching others coach and learning from them...what I liked didn't like and who I wanted to be. 
As I mentioned in the previous blog, I was told to start building a brand. 

I wanted to learn about body building, so I got a coach and dove head first. 
Body Building for 3 years taught me more about lifting and nutrition then any book or professor could. To go through preps and off seasons and being around all the coaches and athletes and watching each one, THAT was one hell of a learning experience. 
Thats what made me fall in love with lifting and led me to getting my USAW Cert. and pursue my own strength program. 

Their was something so beautiful to me about a human finding confidence and happiness in showing themselves how strong they can really be.... To not be afraid to lift, and learn and push themselves... learning what failure feels like in a workout.. to give Everything they have... its amazing to me ( if you aren't a coach i know that sounds so fucking weird.... but MAX days are a coaches favorite day... when athletes hit PRs and bust down their own goals... ugh... gives my chills ) 

SO Im rambling..
moral of the story is I learned from the atmosphere around me. I talked to people that were where I wanted to be. 
--- which is cool cause it goes back to - alway be aware of your surroundings... if you aren't in the right atmosphere you aren't going to learn.. if you aren't around people that can contribute to your life, how will you ever learn, or be better than you are Right now.... you are who you surround yourself with, those people are teaching you things everyday, even if you don't realise it.


ohhhhhh thats good. anyone have a reality check just now? 


I wrote everything down, I put myself through it, I made note of everything. 
I lived very humbly and still do. But it was an everyday choice to do something that day that made me a better coach..... 

Never stop learning, and never stop being you... 
don't try to mimic anyone else. That person is taken, be you.... people will love and respect you true you.. no one wants to follow and respect a faker. True colors will always come through. 

EVEN IF IT DOESNT seem like its working at first... it takes time. 
So FIRST STEP - start learning from others.
SECOND STEP - start thinking about what you want to stand for, be known for, be respected for.. what you want people to feel when they think about you or see your post..... 

and now I promise the next one will be about instagram. 


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