I feel SO cliche' saying that. " NEW YEAR NEW YOU " - sounds like the beginning of a bad motivational speech by someone name Terry wearing a sweater and gives way too many high fives. AMM'I RIGHT? - Yet here I am saying it.


New Year, New you. - ok last time I promise. 

Lets say New Year, BETTER you.... 

I wanted to write a blog to help anyone on writing goals, keeping goals, and staying on track. 

NOT saying I'm the best - but I'd like to share what I have learned and hopefully it helps :-) 

Make REACHABLE goals, then make more goals. You want to make small steps to big goals. EXAMPLE : You wouldn't want to make the goal " I want to be a millionaire by june" - Unless you make some incredible invention in 6 months and it goes off or you discover how to fly... that isn't happening. 

If making more money is your goal - WHICH IS TOTALLY OKAY - people are lying if they say that don't want more money - than you would want to brainstorm on HOW to make more money - Your goal would be to find a side hustle or new job that brings in more income. 
So write out options on what you could to do that works towards bringing in more money. THEN look over your income and outcome and see where you can really start saving money. So maybe your goal is to eat out less !  
Does that make sense? - I hope so. 

Write them down somewhere you can see often! Don't scribble them on a napkin then throw them in that drawer we all have... that "catch all" drawer and when you open it you literally get instant anxiety because there is so much shit in it and you're just like ya ok no not today... not even going to look through that. - YEA that drawer... don't put it in there. 

Make timelines and the "HOW" Like I said previously - don't just write " I want 10 unbroken ring muscle ups " ( thats one of mine ) So what that goal looks like for me is I want 10 UB RMU by July. So to reach that goal I am going to work on gymnastic work 2x a week that focus on RMU work. I emailed my friend Jessica Estrada ( @estradaflys ) - she's the best ever. And we wrote out things I'm going to do weekly to work towards that goal ! 
You want to be able to do that with all your goals - You need to know HOW you're going to work towards those goals - 
Once you reach that goal, put a big fat CHECK MARK by it with 7 smiley faces and a BOO-YA dance - and write out a new goal :-) 

Its okay to reach out for help. If you want to lose 50 pounds but have NO idea how to start, reach out! INVEST in yourself and find a program / coach that will help you work towards this goal so you can achieve it faster. 


TALK ABOUT THAT SHIT. Be proud you are making moves towards your goals. Talk about them to people close to you. By doing this you are making yourself accountable. If you tell all your friends you are trying to lose weight and they invite you to dinner and you order the triple fried chicken with tots and extra cheese with a coke and side of cake they can all give you that look... you know that look... likeeeee " UMMMM soooo about that weight loss you talked about " Good friends will call you out, shitty friends tell you that you deserve them tots.


Don't get discouraged and give up on life if you don't achieve your goals. You are human. I am human. If I don't reach my muscle up goal that doesn't mean I'm going to give up on CF, take down my IG, and never show my face in a crossfit gym again.... I can just assess what I did thus far and maybe why I didn't reach the goal, and keep the same goal until I reach it. 




Okay I think that's all I got. I really really hope those weren't super obvious and didn't help at all. If it didn't help and I just took 5 minutes of your life away from you my deepest apologies. I won't always be full of great information. If this did help....
Happy 2018. I hope shit goes crazy for you and all the success and dreams come true. 
Lifes too short to be anything other than a mf Bad Ass.