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All supplements are designed by        Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum to his specifications  and are GMP certified.

  • Tested and certified Safe for Sport.

  • No fillers, protein spiking, gums, thickeners, or additives.

  • Researched-based ingredients.

  • Optimally dosed for maximum effectiveness.

rebel co.

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Acne and breakouts are caused by over-production of sebum (oil) and bacteria- two things that you can guarantee to find at the gym! If you are someone who tends to wear a lot of makeup during the day, I always tell clients to find some easy makeup removal wipes, and at least quickly wipe it off before you workout- you don't want that buildup sitting in the pores, while you are also sweating and adding more oil and bacteria onto the skin. After your working, you can splash some cold water on the skin, and remove any sweat before it starts to dry as well. You can throw a cleanser and toner in your bag for after as well, which would be even better! Be sure to try and wash the face within the hour if you can, but if you can't, just make sure you do before you go to bed! If you are cleansing, prepping and taking care of your skin daily, however- you can see less of these breakouts even more, in the long run.


- Nicole Johnson, Licensed Medical Aesthetician 

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