In this Ebook you are getting 16 workouts! Thats $2.50 a workout and you get to keep it forever to have ! All 16 conditioning pieces you can supplement to your current lifting schedule ! Its set up as a 4 week, 4x a week program, but you can go through the book as you see fit! Workouts are detailed and vary in length. You will have movements like kettlebell swings, power cleans, burpees, rowing ( which can be subbed for running ), wall balls, jump rope, box jumps, push press, squats, push ups, dumbbell snatch, and more! Every workout is meant to push you and challenge you! Record results and then repeat and try to beat your previous score! * dont forget to save to your computer or it will expire after a certain amount of time sitting in your email ! 

conditioning ebook 1.0